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MAHRACOIN : Decentralized Cryptocurrency on the base of Medical Related and Blockchain Technology.

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  • Registered Member :40512
  • Total supply : 190 Million
  • ICO supply : 7.6 Million
  • Presale-ICO supply : 6.84 Million
  • AirDrop Supply: 0.76 Million

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Our Ideology




We Are as of now specialists in elective decentralized financing. There's a completely working system of individual financial specialists and universal assets, in addition to subsidizing demands from SME's, as of now pausing. We simply need to fuel it.




Exchanges are more secure, straightforward and give an unchanging record of trades on the blockchain




The MAHRA will fuel each exchange on MAHRA Network. Therefore, turning into a manageable cryptographic money that'll develop in an incentive after some time as the MAHRA-COIN eco-framework turns out to be more across the board.




Full Blockchain foundation Runs on mining based which is genuine financing demands from SME's.As MAHRA Network becomes around the world, with an extremely restricted measure of MAHRA coin in the market, the estimation of gaining coin could well increment.


1. Leading exchange platform

MAHRA fund commercial center for apprentices and expert merchants,monetary

2. Charts

Cryptographic money knows no limits, which is the reason we give our clients an entire scope of exchanges,

3. Trading terminals

Cross Platform exchanging terminal (Web, Mobile (iOS, Android), Desktop (Linux, MacOS, Windows)

4. Wallet

The wallet provides a simple method to manage accounts in real time and in any place.


Electronic Medical Record
( EMR )

Mahra is a decentralized telemedicine platform that connects patients and doctors around the world. It allows patients to store their own data in a secure way and gives access to specialists anywhere, regardless of the payer network or EMR (Electronic Medical Record) used.

How we started it

Mahra offers innovative blockchain based solutions to tackle health care’s critical challenges. It is an initiative to bring widespread transparency and efficiency, has evolved into a full-scale ecosystem to revolutionize the health care services sector. The blockchain will do to health care what the internet did to the media; streamline it and create a more competitive environment, producing quality healthcare services which operate at the highest level of efficiency.


The Demand for global standard health care services, which are easy to access, affordable and patient friendly, is the sole focus of Mahra. By providing a gateway for all stakeholders to provide and receive the most efficient service.


"Don't wait, get immediate compensation to move your business forward"


My Gallary
Distribution & Allocation
Community , Biz Dev , Expansion (10%)
Advisors & Legal (15%)
Equity Investors & Team (15%)
Coin for Sale (60%)

60 % of COIN SALE

Airdrop (5%)
Presale ICO (45%)
ICO (50%)
Coin Parameter
MAHRA Coin Specification
Coin Name MAHRA
Ticker MHRA
Total Supply 190 Million
ICO Supply 15.2 Million
Airdrop 0.76 Million
PreSale ICO Supply 6.84 Million
Block Reward 58 MHRA
Coinbase Maturity 24 Blocks
Target Spacing 178 Seconds
Algorithm Script
Type PoS / PoW

Ask Any Questions ?

MAHRA Coin Is A Decentralized Cryptocurrency Or Digital Currency Based On (PoW/PoS) Hybrid Technology.The price of per MAHRA Coin is 0.1 $.
In this Crowdsale we will share a large part of our profit with Coin Customer.
MAHRA Coins are a simple Digital Coin and Decentralized Cryptocurrency on the base of Medical Related and Blockchain Technology.The MAHRA platform is Ultrafast, User friendly and secured.
  • AirDrop Supply : 0.76 Million
  • Pre-ICO Supply : 6.84 Million
  • ICO Supply : 7.6 Million
  • Total Supply: 190 Million
The bonus pool also includes airdrops and referral bonus coin. Investors will get 250 coins on Joining Airdrop.
The pre-sale is an opportunity to purchase MAHRA Coins before they go on public sale. Getting involved during the pre-sale means you will be eligible for pre-sale bonuses.
The public sale will be an automated sale where anyone can exchange our MAHRA Coin from our Internal Exchange and upcoming existing exchanger.MAHRA coin based on PoW Technology.It gives of specific distributed breakdown to MAHRA Coin and its users.
  • Community , Biz Dev , Expansion = 10%
  • Advisors & Legal = 15%
  • Equity Investors & Team = 15%
  • Coin for Sale = 60%
  • JULY 2017

    MAHRA Coin concept developed by its Advisors and Founders

  • FEB 2018

    MAHRA Coin concept and Roadmap developed and its Program as well

  • MARCH 2018

    Website and Whitepaper launch and Airdrop Start with supply 0.76 Million

  • MARCH-APRIL 2018

    Website Update and Presale ICO Start with supply 6.84 Million

  • APRIL 2018

    ICO Start with supply 7.6 Million

  • May 2018

    ICO End

  • July 2018

    Own Crypto currency Exchange Website Launch

  • Aug 2018

    Listing of Well Known Exchange and Start Trading

  • Oct 2018

    Event and International Promotion

  • Jan 2019

    Mobile App Launch with Exchange


Lisa De Jong


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Dr.Tyler Woods

CEO and Founder

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Dr.Roderik Williams

Legal Advisor

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Bridget Greenwood

Financial Advisor

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Our Goal

Data generated by mobile devices are integrated into decentralized EHR.

Provide a singular collaborative platform for patients and providers.cutoff the middle man by developing smart contracts to ensure efficiency and eliminate human error.

Who are we?

App-enabled patient portals. Customization of patient data management. Future health policies should include user feedback

Our Phases
  • Whitelisting for ICO
  • 20-03-18 to 26-03-18
  • Coin Allocation 0.76 Million
  • price FREE
  • Presale ICO
  • 27-03-18 to 11-04-18
  • Coin Allocation 6.84 Million
  • price 0.1 $
  • ** Bonus 100 % ( On Whitelisting )
  • Signup
  • Slab 1
  • 12-04-18 to 21-04-18
  • Coin Allocation 2,660,000
  • ICO Price 0.25 $
  • Signup
  • Slab 3
  • 02-05-18 to 11-05-18
  • Coin Allocation 1,368,000
  • ICO Price 1 $
  • Signup

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